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Little Red Shoes

Every time I see this type of children's shoe from Clarks it reminds me of these, my first walking shoes that my Mum has kept for (quite some) years, along with a lock of baby hair and other items from my childhood. At one time I would have asked my Mum, 'what on earth have you kept this for?' but now being a Mum myself I completely understand this compulsion to hoard anything that marks a significant milestone in your child's life.

It is fascinating how memories can be invoked by smell. I absolutely love it, when someone tries a Tom's Garden product and it reminds them of something or someone. Hopefully a positive experience and memory! A lady once said the Calming Body Lotion reminded her of something her late father used and it was lovely to see the smile of the memory on her face.

Recently, I was experimenting with a new blend of essential oils. Sometimes, to see how the blend evolves in different applications, I add the essential oil blend to a carrier oil and apply to the skin and add the remaining to a steam diffuser. I had set the diffuser off in the kitchen and my husband came in and asked why I was burning Clove oil, then added 'why would anyone want to smell Clove oil, it smells of toothache?'. Just to note, the blend I had created had Mandarin, Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Lemon and finally one single drop of Clove essential oil in it. My husband says he has little or no sense of smell but out of a reasonably complex blend, he could smell the one drop of oil that reminded him of having toothache.

This was obviously not quite the reaction I was hoping for! But it does highlight how important, personal and emotive the sense of smell is.

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