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Ten Brown Bottles

Brown glass bottles may not be to everyone's taste (may even remind people of medicine bottles, think cough syrup) but these lovely bottles store and preserve essential oils to ensure they maintain smell and therapeutic properties and are also recyclable. What type of packaging to use for Tom's Garden products was a carefully considered decision. I wanted bottles and jars that were functional in terms of blocking the sunlight and easily recyclable. There are some brilliant choices of recyclable materials available such as aluminium, other coloured glass but brown glass ticked all of the boxes for Tom's Garden. Ideally, all the products would be in recyclable glass but after receiving the 'look of horror' on the faces of those friends and family who I suggested take a glass bottle into the shower, I decided that the Hand and Body Wash must remain in plastic pump dispenser bottles for now.

Like many, I am so conscious of the impact plastic has on our environment and as soon as I source a none glass but recyclable bottle suitable for the shower, the plastic bottle will be banished from Tom's Garden for good!

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