Who is Tom? 

Many ask "Who is Tom?", Tom was an estate gardener for Rowntrees, York in the 1970's.  He also had a beautiful garden at home, the dedication and pride for his garden inspired the development and creation of the company 'Tom's Garden'. 
As Tom's granddaughter, I can't say I have inherited his green fingers but I have acquired a love for natural products and plant based scents.  I trained as an Aromatherapist over ten years ago and have always loved finding the 'perfect' blend.
Knowing I could create natural based products that would smell amazing and have a positive impact on well-being, I began blending and developing skin care and candles to reflect the wonderfulness of the original Tom's garden.  Tom's Garden aromatherapy skin care products and candles are created without compromising a commitment to use ethical resources and recyclable materials.   

Contact Tom's Garden - rachael@tomsgarden.co.uk | 07803886782

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